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PC Muscle Training Kegel Exerciser Device

PC Muscle Training Kegel Exerciser Device

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  •  Versatile This versatile indoor thigh exercise equipment is not only suitable for exercise pelvic floor muscles, but also for exercises arms, triceps and back, inner and outer thighs and chest, shoulders, etc. your muscles.
  • New Design The thigh trainer is ergonomically designed and composed of high quality PP+PA materials and high performance springs. The PA material thigh deflector can absorb sweat and play an anti slip effect, and the high performance spring gives it the highest strength.
  • Application Our thigh trainer or hip trainer, whether you are at home, office, school or any other place, allows you to workout anytime, anywhere, lying down, sitting or standing whether adults, the elderly, and children. Available and worth it.
  • Adjustable Resistance The muscle fitness equipment for thigh trainer adopts a new design, the thigh training device for women has a 360 deflector adjustment function, and you can adjust the most comfortable angle for training; The adjustable resistance function, is perfect for both men and women.
  • Perfect Exercise Equipment Our pelvic floor muscles inside the thigh help tighten the pelvis, and tone and tighten the arms, buttocks and thigh muscles. A great home gym gear, the thigh and hip trainer also effectively describes the bottom and gives you a curvy figure.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Flavio Lueilwitz

It is good to be able to put it inside and exercise more strongly when you exercise. The Chinese guys make my stuff.

Hanna Terry

Before use. Shipping is fast.

Sydnie Roberts

It is hot and athletic. It's great to be able to exercise when you're sitting at your desk and when you're lying down.

Sunny Howell

All right.

Blaise Bins

Delivery is fast and the goods are good
I'm weak enough to exercise.