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Women Men Finger Hand Protector

Women Men Finger Hand Protector

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  • Take Care Of Your Hands – With MHIL’s new, durable, lightweight, and breathable exercise gloves. The mesh and microfiber exterior materials keep your hands and palms dry and prevents the aculation of heat. The superior elasticity acts as a protector to your hands, while feeling ultimate comfort. The double sching provides extra quality and prolongs the life of the gloves. They are easily washable by hand, so you don’t need to have smelly gloves!
  • Convenient Design – Nothing beats MHIL’s uniquely designed gloves, ensuring they are the best in every way! Our special and convenient features include a thumb towel for wiping sweat, pull loops on the fingers for easy removal, silicone structure for the best grip, durable & strong Velcro straps to adjust them how you want, padding to allow lifting and pulling heavier weights, and mesh backing cuts down on sweat & prevents sticking. There are also different sizes and colors to choose from!
  • The Absolute Best – Why choose MHIL? We’ll tell you why! The list of benefits our padded exercise gear provides is exceptional. The ergonomic design matches the palm lines, leaving no space between the hand & glove, strengthening the grip. Our wrist protection bands support & protect you. They hold your wrist in place with no extra discomfort. They help protect anst ailments, sweaty palm and easy slip! Keep up your exercise routine without feeling any pain!
  • More Benefits - They flex over time to fit your bare hand for better comfort and don’t shed or stain your hands. They are not thin and flimsy & don’t fall apart, don’t pinch your skin, and they keep the skin from moving, helping to avoid pain when working out. They relieve pressure from your wrists, and the wristwrap guards stabilize the wrists during use, while providing immediate relief. They are easy to put on and comfortable to wear with a watch or even with a wrist injury
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Customer Reviews

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Ervin Murazik

Very good quality, neatly made, holding hand well. Fast delivery. I definitely recommend for purchase.

Reggie Hand

Hello thank you very much the shipment was very fast, it arrived on a day that I was not even waiting for it, because I said they arrived for July 12, so excellent!! They are also of very good quality, ergonomic and aesthetically beautiful, I thank the store and the seller for the shipment so fast, I arrive in less than a week. I have many other immobilizers bought in Orthopedics here in chili, but these really fulfill their function, they are short and they immobilize just my wrist and thumb. Thank you very much for the speed I arrived just to calm my pain in my wrists. Thank you

Giovanny Kovacek

Women Men Finger Hand Protector

Marielle Wiza

Pest delivered

Therese Brakus

All right. OKEY.👍👍👍